How to Play With Your Parrot

When it comes to parrots, they have the reputation of being very fun-loving creatures. So, if you have parrots, make sure to interact with them on a daily basis. This interaction is very important because it will make your parrots happy, and the love that they feel for you will continuously grow stronger. If you would like to create a strong, almost unbreakable bond with your parrots, the best way to do so is to play with them on a regular basis.

Do something fun and play fun games with your parrots. Doing this will help keep your parrots physically, as well as mentally active, which is always a good thing. You probably didn’t know this, but parrots love when people laugh. I don’t know exactly why, but parrots enjoy the sound of laughter. Some parrots can even laugh with their owners too. If you hear your parrots laughing, then they probably want you to play with them.

As you can see, keeping your parrots active by playing fun games with them is very important. So, what games can you play with your parrots? Here are three fun games that you should absolutely try. Enjoy!


Toss, Fetch and Catch
Toss, fetch, and a catch is a fun game that you can play with your parrots pretty much anywhere and everywhere. For this game, you need to have a Koosh ball or any other similar lightweight object. The way you play this game is by throwing the Koosh ball and letting your parrot catch it.

Pick Up
Okay, this one is pretty simple, but funny none-the-less! Let your parrots toss something off, and as soon as they do, you either laugh or say something like ”Uh oh!”. You then pick up the item and repeat this process over and over again.

The Blinking Game
I am pretty sure that this game is the most simple one out of them all. The rules are very simple – first, you blink, then your parrot blinks. That’s it!

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